Help plant a new wood



June 2020
Lockdown Woods Community Tree Planting Project logo

Lockdown Woods

The Lockdown Woods project, run by Newbury Friends of the Earth, is encouraging local residents to find tree seedlings in their gardens and allotments while under lockdown this year, to put them in pots and look after them in their own gardens. The aim is to grow them on until they are big enough to plant into a new wood which will be called ‘Lockdown Wood’. It will commemorate this hugely difficult period of disruption and sacrifice, and we hope that people can dedicate a tree to someone special to them, maybe a key worker, someone who has been seriously affected by this pandemic, or maybe died from Covid19. We plan to purchase saplings to plant out this winter as most home-grown saplings will not be large enough by then, adding the locally grown ones in once they are sufficiently sturdy in winter 2021 or 2022.

More details available from Susan Millington, Newbury Friends of the Earth via

Greenham Parish Council - Councillor Vacancy



May 2020
Greenham Control Tower

Would you like to get involved with your local community more? Greenham Parish Council currently has two vacancies for Parish Councillors. If you'd like more information about applying to be a Parish Councillor please get in touch with Lisa Blake at, or give us a call on 01635 43534.

Greenham Parish Council - Covid 19 Response

Greenham Parish


April 2020
Greenham Parish Council - Covid 19 Response

To receive up to date information from West Berkshire regarding Covid 19, you can now sign up to  regular updates using this link

You can also contact the Parish council by getting in touch with the clerk at, or give us a call on 01635 43534. Thanks

Grant awarded to CAB



January 2020
Grant awarded to CAB

Greenham Parish Council sets aside funds every year to award grants to local charitable and not-for-profit organisations. At a recent meeting the Council agreed to give £4,000 to West Berkshire Citizens Advice Bureau enabling them to continue to support residents seeking advice.

To find out more about West Berkshire Citizens Advice Bureau

If you would like to apply for a grant then please contact the Parish Clerk.

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